Native Dog Surf Wax

Native Dog Surf Wax
Native Dog Surf Wax
Native Dog Surf Wax
Native Dog Surf Wax
Native Dog Surf Wax
Native Dog Surf Wax

Native Dog Surf Wax

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Native Dog Surf Wax & Bamboo Wax Comb
Native Dog Surf Wax is available in 4 different varieties to suit all water temperatures and for superior application. 


15°C and below.


16°C to 20°C.


19°C to 24°C.


23°C and above.


For use with COOL and COLD waxes


  • There are an estimated 23,000,000 surfers globally.
  • Each year 400,000 new surfboards are made from incredibly toxic foams and synthetic resins.
Of the six billion bars of surf wax purchased annually worldwide, most contain a blend of ingredients that are non-biodegradable, non-sustainable, non-renewable, synthetic, toxic or genetically modified.  A typical block of surfboard wax might contain a mix of the following:
  • paraffin wax (petrochemical by-product)
  • petroleum jelly (petrochemical by-product)
  • microcrystalline wax (petrochemical by-product)
  • vistanex® (petrochemical by-product)
  • synthetic glues and resins
  • synthetic dyes and fragrances


Get your paws on some of our awesome eco friendly all natural surf wax. Now using certified organic beeswax! No petroleum based wax here! A bigger block than most brands, this blend works best in Tropical Water (20-28 C) or as a base coat. approx 100 grams of grip.

  • Beeswax (biodegradable, renewable & sustainable, non-toxic).
  • Plant oils (biodegradable, non-toxic, renewable & sustainable. Free from petrochemicals, GM products & palm oil).
  • Mineral clays (petrochemical free, biodegradable, non-toxic).
  • Plant resins (biodegradable, non-synthetic, renewable & sustainable, non-toxic). 


Our surf wax is wrapped in 100% Post Consumer Recycled Carboard.
The adhesives we use are 65% plant based, solvent free.
Our choice of packing tape is produced from 100% recycled plastic.
For shipping, we make our own product packaging from reclaiM cardboard boxes, or 100% Post Consumer Recycled card.

☑ Easy to apply

☑ Supremely sticky

☑ Bumpy texture

☑ Lasting application

☑ Won’t melt over everything!

 ☑ 100% biodegradable

☑ 100% petrochemical free

☑ No synthetic ingredients

☑ No GM products

☑ Non-toxic

☑ No palm oil

☑ Australian owned and made

☑ Sustainable and renewable ingredients where possible

Good for the surfer.

Good for the earth.

Good for future generations.

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